From the pristine cool waters of New Zealand

Wakame Fresh is passionate about New Zealand seaweed and the role it will play in the world’s future health and prosperity.

About Wakame Fresh

Based in Coromandel Town on the North Island of New Zealand, Wakame Fresh is dedicated to producing premium food products which are harvested responsibly from the pristine cool waters of New Zealand. 

We are on a mission to introduce New Zealand seaweed to the world. Here at Wakame Fresh we believe that seaweed will contribute toward the world’s efforts to combat climate change, to develop and provide life changing medicines and contribute toward the world’s food security. Importantly, our contribution is both sustainable and environmentally friendly.  


We work responsibly with a sustainable resource.


Pursuing and embracing new opportunities for New Zealand seaweed.


Packed with vitamins and minerals. Delivering broad health benefits.

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